Discipleship Process

Discipleship Process

How does Lifepointe develop strong members connected to our purpose?

To have engaged members in Christ, we must equip all members of LifePointe to fully know who God has led us to be as a local body of Christ‐followers. We ask all new Lifepointe members to participate in the Four Pillar courses connected to the purpose of Lifepointe. These are fun and helpful gatherings where you can get to know other new members and the leadership of the church. Each new member is asked to go through these in a calendar year after they have attended the New Member Fellowship and begun their church membership.

1. New Member Fellowship

The New Member Fellowship happens on a Sunday evening in an informal home setting in a home. At the NMF, a general overview of who we are as a church is shared with all prospective members and they can ask questions about Lifepointe and start the journey of membership at Lifepointe. The NMF is offered six times a year.


2. W4 Biblical Worldview Study Method Seminar

Lifepointe is driven to be a church of the Word. All things flow from our study of scripture because it is the primary way we come to engage Christ in worshiping, connecting, serving and going. We desire everyone at Lifepointe to be equipped to know how to study God’s word when they open their Bible. As they read we want our members to see Who He Is, what His Will is, how the Word has a message of unity, and how we can Walk in obedience. The W4 Bible Study seminar will take place 6-8 times a year.


3. Lifepointe Vision Discipleship Course

The Vision Course happens five times over a 5 week period either in the evenings or on a Saturday morning. Each week, the participants have 5 days of scripture study leading up the next session and each of the 5 sessions is based on LifePointe’s 5 purposes of spiritual maturity – Engaging Christ in…Worshiping, Connecting, Serving, & Going. There is a women’s course and a men’s course. This course uniquely connects people together in unity of discipleship.


4. Spiritual Gifts Seminar

Lifepointe highly values seeing our members function properly in the church by using the spiritual gifts they have been given by the Holy Spirit. Everyone takes a spiritual gifts survey by Church Growth Institute and then attends a seminar to learn more about spiritual gifts and to see where how they can serve at Lifepoine using their gifts. The survey is found at http://www.churchgrowth.org/cgi-­‐cg/gifts.cgi?intro=1 . The seminar will be offered 5‐6 times a year.


5. Mission Trips

At Lifepointe, we love taking the gospel of Christ to all people, beginning in our neighborhoods and in the nations. Our aim and prayer is that every member of Lifepointe would go on a mission trip either locally, nationally, or globaly. We want to connect with his heart and follow Christ’s command to go.