The life that engages the glory of Christ is a life that worships and treasures Him above all.  It is to this end that we were created and where we find purpose that is deep, real, & lasting.  Our worship of Him is what transforms us into His likeness and should uniquely define us as Christ-followers.  At Lifepointe, our worship of Him comes from the foundation of the reading and proclamation of the Word of God.  Gospel-centered worship happens as our spirit knows, affirms and exalts the truth of who Jesus is as He is revealed in the Bible.  At Lifepointe, our worship of Christ is shaped by Biblical truth and guides how we sing, pray, teach, & live in community together. At Lifepointe, our worship of Christ consists of both the personal time we spend with Him and at corporate gatherings where we bring our individual worship encounters to a corporate gathering of unity for the sole purpose of exalting His great name.